Lovely for Less: Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler is known for his amazing prints and his super-sexy white pottery.  Unfortunately, he’s also known to be completely out of my budget.  While browsing PlasticLand, though, I found some really great and almost identical alternatives at a fraction of the cost…love it!

Here are the originals from Jonathan Adler:



J.A. Fishie Salt/Pepper shakers for a mere $48 per set




J.A. whale pitcher for $95!




$150 for a tray? I love you Jonathan, but my wallet doesn't!


And here are the ones from PlasticLand:



Super cute blowfish salt/pepper shakers... $16!!




Pretty much died for this whale/seashell creamer set... and it's only $20!




Granted, it's lucite, but at $18, I'm totally ok with that!




Cheer up, chuck!

Time for bluntness:

How’s that for honesty? It might be exhaustion from my first week of real 9-5, it might be from missing my BlogHer babes, or it might just be the awesomeness that is my regular emotional state of being.

Just thought y’all should know.

On that side, here are some links that I’m loving and will hopefully bring a smile to both my face and yours:

  • Cats in Hats– I ❤ Color me Katie. A lot.
  • Buddha Pears… wtf?? (via Hip Hostess)
  • buddha pears

    Seriously, those are buddha-shaped PEARS.

  • These wedges from ModCloth… OMGLOVE
Academic Path Wedges
Academic Path Wedges from ModCloth

What would make me happiest right now? A little cookie dough, Project Runway in 8 minutes, hearing from one of my BlogHer girls… and then sleep, glorious sleep!