Thank a Blogger Day!

In P.E. class, I was always one of the last ones picked. Not because I was overweight (if anything, I was underweight), but because I was just an unathletic, shy klutzy kid. I didn’t get along with many girls, so I had guy friends, which made the girls hate me even more. I was bullied, I cried a lot. I was called a nerd on a regular basis, but luckily for me in the long run, I was good at school.

Now, that academic talent has somewhat dropped off, but it’s also manifested itself in something that I suppose I always knew I’d end up doing: writing. How does this all relate to thank a blogger day? Well through blogging, and meeting other bloggers, it’s like a whole new world has been opened up to me. Sure, I’m not married. I don’t have kids, and sometimes, I feel left out. But most of the time, I feel like I’m being picked first for something when someone comments on my blog. I have GIRLFRIENDS! (Hear that, mom? I’m not just palling around with the boys anymore!) I know that if someone were to bully me now, I’d have a whole army of kickass ladies to back me up.. plus Aunt Becky and her army of pranksters, who I sure as hell wouldn’t want to mess with. These bloggers support my crazyhairbrainedwhackass ideas and still love me for em. Thank god for that.

Things might have been a bit easier then if I’d known that the internet– which back in high school was the source of plenty of ridicule and torment– would help me to discover and start building my own, amazing, talented, kickass community. I’m going to try to thank everyone for being so incredible, but if I commit the unforgivable sin of leaving you out, TELL ME! (also, because this will later become my blogroll on the new site).

First and foremost, my mommy blogger friends. I hate the term, but so many of you have become both best friends and like second (third, fourth) mommies to me.¬† You’ve made me laugh, cry, want babies, and be terrified of having rugrats. These are my sister wives.

Next, my creatives. Y’all are amazing and inspiring and I don’t know how you have so many good ideas. It makes me jealous but it also kicks my behind into high gear!

And I hate to put you guys last but seriously, it’s cuz I had to save up extra love for you!… my categorically-ambiguous ladies ūüėČ

::Deep breath:: I know I’m missing people, and I’m SORRYYYYYY. There, I said it. Now, if I left you out, tell me. Or give me a thousand lashes with a wet noodle, it’s your choice.


I Need Opinions!

As you know, I’m in the (very sloooow) process of designing my new website and blahhhg. Below are screenshots of the designs thus far… what do you think? Comments, criticisms and praises welcome!

ETA: I’ll be using both designs (the peacock and the retro). The peacock theme will be for my more professional site at, and then the blog will be linked to from there but might eventually have its own domain. I like the retro design on the blog, since it’ll be more diy/decor/design focused!


My landing page


A level 2 page (version 1)


Another level 2 page--- different header (which do you prefer?)

birdsiviews redesign

The new birdsiviews (ignore the title!)

Soooo… what do you think so far?

DIY Halloween Roundup!

Even though we’ve had a bit of an Indian summer the last few days here in Boston, I can’t help thinking ahead to my first post-college Halloween.¬† I’m eagerly looking forward to crunchy leaves, more pumpkin lattes, searching for a fun costume, and hopefully a trip or two to Salem!

To get into the spirit of all things Halloween-y, here are some of my favorite DIY projects that I’ve come across lately. If you have a project to add, link up in the comments!

For spooky glassware, How About Orange has a great tutorial on using packing tape to make image transfers!


Keeping with the spooky theme, check out these Eat At Your Own Risk toppers via Etsy:


All Things Thrifty has a Woman’s Day Mag-inspired Candy Corn Wreath:

candy corn wreath

If the idea of gluing all those candy corns is too much for you (or for more wreathy inspiration), there’s a similar version on Etsy:

candy corn wreath 2

My Paper Crane has a tutorial and template for adorable felt ghost cozies, which you could also string up into a garland or hang from doorknobs too!


Calamity Anne has a fun tutorial on redoing an old clock to give it a Halloween feel… trip to Goodwill or Ikea for clocks, anyone?

spooky clock

My friend Daniela from Berkeley has a great shop, The Art Life, where she’s selling a kit to make your own mini-chipboard Halloween album, complete with embellishments and papers… and it’s on sale! Also, check out the rest of her shop– great stuff!

something wicked scrapbook

If you love pumpkins but not the mess of carving them, Calamity Anne also has a tutorial on painting decorative pumpkins:


At The Crafty Cupboard, Melanie has an easy-to-follow tutorial for this wonderful & inexpensive spiderweb table runner:


Yet another project from Brooke at All Things Thrifty: an easy and temporary way to “trick” out your existing decor! (Yes, I love her stuff!)


Last but certainly not least, Boston-based Papercrave has a tutorial and printables for a lovely paper garland. For fun variations on this, you can alternate the cutouts with candy corn, add some glitter, sub printed halloween paper, or string it on colored ribbon!


Party like it’s 1988!

I’m 22 today, kids. The big two-dee-two. Thanks to these suckas for bringing me into the world 22 years ago!

me, mom and dad

Aw, presh

And also, this is pretty awesome… take that, Perez Hilton AND Oh No They Didn’t!!

It's GLEE, bitches

Fall is in the air!

I’m officially experiencing my first New England fall… and holy WTF, it’s COLD in September? What is this madness? At home, it’s still pushing 100. I’ve been wearing sweaters and boots here the last few days. Boston really is a whole other world!

The onset of fall, though, has really kicked my bootay into gear with looking for winter clothes and boots and other warm/snugglies. That’s where you come in, lovelies! I refuse to believe that warm=fugly, so I’m looking for kickass and fashionable– yet FUNCTIONAL– winter suggestions! My list (so far) includes:

  • tights
  • knitted hats
  • long down jacket
  • shorter wool jacket (no short puffers on this bod, holy marshmallow!)
  • BOOTS! (black, preferably, but if they’re cheap i’ll get a cognac pair too)
  • warm knee socks
  • gloves
  • scarves
  • warm shirts

Who wants to help? Suggestions, people! I need suggestions!

And to show you stuff I like, I made a pretty Polyvore collage…

winter clothes 1

winter clothes 1 by Lindsay Goldner featuring cotton jeans

Old Navy Womens Cocoon Cardigans
Wrap tops ¬Ľ

Womens Soul Cal Boyfriend Stripe Cardigan
20 GBP¬†–¬†
Stripe cardigan ¬Ľ

H81 Floral Thermal Top
Thermal tops ¬Ľ

Babylon Coat
Vintage coat ¬Ľ

A Fresh Coat in Hot Pink
Vintage coat ¬Ľ

Jean coupe mince
Cotton jeans ¬Ľ

Diba Kita Rita Boot – Black/Galaxy
Diba boots ¬Ľ – Fabulous Finds – 2080440927

snow forest

Project Porn!

Holy Batman, it’s already September! That means the beginning of fall (in theory, anyways), Labor Day sales, and oh ya– my birthday! I’m also starting a new part-time gig on Friday, so keep an eye out for a post on that. In the meantime, I’ve been working on my own DIY’s and finding some pretty kickass projects (and potential projects) around the interwebs.

wall art in progress

it's getting there!

  • I got bored with Sharpie-ing my wall art, so I decided to put a touch of acrylic paint on the board and see how it would look. ¬†Heinous cellphone picture aside, I think it’s gonna look really great when it’s done. Going to be adding orange and a limey green to it as well!
  • This post, from ReadyMade, reminds me of back-to-school shopping and getting a brand new box of Crayolas… except far more expensive.
  • Saw this mirror from Urban Outfitters… totally reminiscent of the bag with the chicken feet skin (uh, wtf?) on last night’s Rachel Zoe Project. Except it won’t make PETA go after you.
  • Urban also has an “essential bathroom organizer,” which at almost $30, is so not essential for me. ¬†Diy-ing it with some different lengths/widths of PVC pipe, some spraypaint, and hot glue/gorilla glue? Much better!
  • Oh, and have I mentioned Urban Outfitters? Spent a lot of time on their site today, oops. Their key rug, at $18 for a 2×3 rug, is adorable but again pricey. ¬†My solution? El cheapo rug from Ikea, of course, pattern with freezer paper or contact paper, and black acrylic paint. Et voila!
  • Last but not least, I saw the following picture on Design Porn and literally started laughing my ass off. Enjoy it, kids:

Yup, that's taxidermy beer coolers...

I don’t want to know what liking that says about me…

Delightful DIY’s!

Right now, I’m browsing with literally 20+ tabs open in my browser. Don’t believe me? Here’s the proof:

excessive tabs

I’m not sure what that says about me… maybe internet ADHD? I’m also watching MasterChef, while the dye bakes in my hair. Talk about multitasking.

Phew! Anyways, here are some fun and inspiring diy projects from the last few days…

  • Michelle from Three Men and a Lady did a crazy inspiring bathroom makeover. ¬†We’re talking inspiring-to-the-point-of-paint-shopping over here!
  • Discovered Spoonflower this week, a wonderful site where you can create your very own fabric. Even better, they’re doing free swatch printing tomorrow! Click on the “contests” tab for some gorgeous top-voted designs if you don’t want to design your own.
  • Kalisa, aka my other mother, aka The One in Heels, wrote a great post on No Excuses Fashion (her OTHER kickass blog) about funeral fashion. You wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) look like crap to go to work, so why should you when you’re celebrating the life of a loved one? She put it far more eloquently though! Oh, and yes, I’m counting fashion as a DIY. So there.
  • The lovely Miss Grace Bonney, of Design*Sponge fame, is hiring a copy editor. Seriously, be still my beating heart.
  • Floating frames, featured on¬†Tiny Ass Apartment, originally from Loving Living Small. Definitely something I’d like to try if I ever get big bookshelves again!
  • As a complete typology fiend, I love this Subway sign DIY project from Tatertots and Jello

Tater tots and jello subway sign

Since my brain is no longer functioning properly today, I’m gonna call it an early night. I’d love to see what everyone is working on this week, though! Back to school crafts, anyone?

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