So, I bet y’all are thinking it’s been a while since my last post (or being thankful that I finally shut up for a week)… in actuality, I’ve been neglecting this blog because…




Also, a very belated (and overdue) thank you to all of you who left lovely comments on my #thankablogger post. I love you!

Thank a Blogger Day!

In P.E. class, I was always one of the last ones picked. Not because I was overweight (if anything, I was underweight), but because I was just an unathletic, shy klutzy kid. I didn’t get along with many girls, so I had guy friends, which made the girls hate me even more. I was bullied, I cried a lot. I was called a nerd on a regular basis, but luckily for me in the long run, I was good at school.

Now, that academic talent has somewhat dropped off, but it’s also manifested itself in something that I suppose I always knew I’d end up doing: writing. How does this all relate to thank a blogger day? Well through blogging, and meeting other bloggers, it’s like a whole new world has been opened up to me. Sure, I’m not married. I don’t have kids, and sometimes, I feel left out. But most of the time, I feel like I’m being picked first for something when someone comments on my blog. I have GIRLFRIENDS! (Hear that, mom? I’m not just palling around with the boys anymore!) I know that if someone were to bully me now, I’d have a whole army of kickass ladies to back me up.. plus Aunt Becky and her army of pranksters, who I sure as hell wouldn’t want to mess with. These bloggers support my crazyhairbrainedwhackass ideas and still love me for em. Thank god for that.

Things might have been a bit easier then if I’d known that the internet– which back in high school was the source of plenty of ridicule and torment– would help me to discover and start building my own, amazing, talented, kickass community. I’m going to try to thank everyone for being so incredible, but if I commit the unforgivable sin of leaving you out, TELL ME! (also, because this will later become my blogroll on the new site).

First and foremost, my mommy blogger friends. I hate the term, but so many of you have become both best friends and like second (third, fourth) mommies to me.¬† You’ve made me laugh, cry, want babies, and be terrified of having rugrats. These are my sister wives.

Next, my creatives. Y’all are amazing and inspiring and I don’t know how you have so many good ideas. It makes me jealous but it also kicks my behind into high gear!

And I hate to put you guys last but seriously, it’s cuz I had to save up extra love for you!… my categorically-ambiguous ladies ūüėČ

::Deep breath:: I know I’m missing people, and I’m SORRYYYYYY. There, I said it. Now, if I left you out, tell me. Or give me a thousand lashes with a wet noodle, it’s your choice.

Patterned Owl Progress

Here’s how I spent my Saturday night (pre-pukey kitteh)- based on this tutorial.

patterned owl

Pretty cute, huh?

Boo-tiful Halloween, Round Two!

It’s definitely fall here in Boston. Actually, it’s a California winter already (oh god, someone save me before January!). That said, crunchy leaves and brisk winds are a daily reminder that Halloween, and soon Thanksgiving, are right around the corner!

Grab a pumpkin spice latte…

pumpkin spice latte

…and some cider donuts, an amazing New England delicacy,


…and enjoy the scary, the sexy, and the spectacular of Halloween diy & decor!


First, check out this amazing party feature from Pizzazzerie (you MUST click the picture to see more images!!)

vampire dinner pizzazzerie

Then, there’s Kim of TheTomKatStudio, who always has the most gorgeous party styling and printables, with GLAM HALLOWEEN!


tomkat halloween

Dear Kim, I love you. Please hire me. Or adopt/marry me.



Another perennial party-planning favorite, Jenn from Hostess With the Mostess, spotted this great Etsy tablescape:

hwtm halloween

Jenn? You can hire/adopt/marry me too. Sister wives, anyone?

Twig and Thistle made this wreath for a Bh&G contest, but can’t you see it in yellow/white/orange like a candy corn, or in gold/black/orange? So cute!


For a creeptastic party favor, Forkable Blog has a recipe for Dexter-inspired “bloodstained slide candy”!


Domestifluff made a 13 days of Halloween countdown and has been posting instructions for each day’s project:

13 days of halloween

Last but not least, check out these adorable vintage-styled “Witches Brew” labels from CraftyPagan on Etsy…



Work in Progress (part dos!)

So, I changed the color scheme to go along with my retro blog look (see bottom image in this post) and changed my header font to ChunkFive, at the suggestion of the lovely (and brilliant) Melissa.


Round Dos!


The page for my recent work


About me, version 2!


And the blog that's inspiring it all


Also, a main category page, in progress!

Lovely for Less: Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler is known for his amazing prints and his super-sexy white pottery. ¬†Unfortunately, he’s also known to be completely out of my budget. ¬†While browsing PlasticLand, though, I found some really great and almost identical alternatives at a fraction of the cost…love it!

Here are the originals from Jonathan Adler:



J.A. Fishie Salt/Pepper shakers for a mere $48 per set




J.A. whale pitcher for $95!




$150 for a tray? I love you Jonathan, but my wallet doesn't!


And here are the ones from PlasticLand:



Super cute blowfish salt/pepper shakers... $16!!




Pretty much died for this whale/seashell creamer set... and it's only $20!




Granted, it's lucite, but at $18, I'm totally ok with that!



I Need Opinions!

As you know, I’m in the (very sloooow) process of designing my new website and blahhhg. Below are screenshots of the designs thus far… what do you think? Comments, criticisms and praises welcome!

ETA: I’ll be using both designs (the peacock and the retro). The peacock theme will be for my more professional site at lindsaygoldner.com, and then the blog will be linked to from there but might eventually have its own domain. I like the retro design on the blog, since it’ll be more diy/decor/design focused!


My landing page


A level 2 page (version 1)


Another level 2 page--- different header (which do you prefer?)

birdsiviews redesign

The new birdsiviews (ignore the title!)

Soooo… what do you think so far?

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