Boo-tiful Halloween, Round Two!

It’s definitely fall here in Boston. Actually, it’s a California winter already (oh god, someone save me before January!). That said, crunchy leaves and brisk winds are a daily reminder that Halloween, and soon Thanksgiving, are right around the corner!

Grab a pumpkin spice latte…

pumpkin spice latte

…and some cider donuts, an amazing New England delicacy,


…and enjoy the scary, the sexy, and the spectacular of Halloween diy & decor!


First, check out this amazing party feature from Pizzazzerie (you MUST click the picture to see more images!!)

vampire dinner pizzazzerie

Then, there’s Kim of TheTomKatStudio, who always has the most gorgeous party styling and printables, with GLAM HALLOWEEN!


tomkat halloween

Dear Kim, I love you. Please hire me. Or adopt/marry me.



Another perennial party-planning favorite, Jenn from Hostess With the Mostess, spotted this great Etsy tablescape:

hwtm halloween

Jenn? You can hire/adopt/marry me too. Sister wives, anyone?

Twig and Thistle made this wreath for a Bh&G contest, but can’t you see it in yellow/white/orange like a candy corn, or in gold/black/orange? So cute!


For a creeptastic party favor, Forkable Blog has a recipe for Dexter-inspired “bloodstained slide candy”!


Domestifluff made a 13 days of Halloween countdown and has been posting instructions for each day’s project:

13 days of halloween

Last but not least, check out these adorable vintage-styled “Witches Brew” labels from CraftyPagan on Etsy…



Visual Inspiration- The Bold and The Beautiful

Part of the reason my blog has been relatively sparsely populated is that I’m attempting to design my own website (omgwtfbbq!) It’s almost as cool as when Mommy Wants Vodka pulled a John C. Mayer… only more on par with my pulling a Glee, which doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, sad.

In the–lengthy and somewhat painful–process of designing, I’ve put together some gorgeous inspiration photos. If you know whose these are (or they’re yours), please do speak up… can’t take credit for any of these, damnit! In the meantime, here’s part one of my inspiration file…


Blue skies, all of them gone…

Today is a gorgeous day out here in the Bay Area, but of course I’m stuck writing my theses (10 pages down, 35ish to go!). First off, HAPPY PI DAY to all my fellow nerds out there šŸ™‚ Definitely considering getting pie later. Secondly, I wanted to do a quick feature on some of the blogs that I follow religiously… here goes!

Hostess with the Mostess

An image from one of Jen's St. Patty's Day posts. Yum!

This is Jen Sbranti’s site of everything beautiful, cute, whimsical, and party-related. I adore it. If publishing doesn’t work out, I want to go into party planning. She posts the greatest pictures, recipes, inspirations, you name it! Her site makes me want to get rich, just so I can host adorable parties like the ones she features!


I loveeee this outfit. Plus, it has a DIY mini-tut for the sweater! (from

Academichic is a wonderful blog run by three ridiculously stylish PhD candidates. When I first saw the site, I literally emailed the link to my mom with the message “Can I buy all of these outfits when I graduate?” Their fashion sense is spot-on, and is definitely going to serve as the inspiration for some of my new post-college work outfits!

Tiny-Ass Apartment

Be still my beating heart. Only way this could be better is if it had more books! (from TAA)

Admittedly, the name hooked me. Feisty but practical, no? Anyways, this site has great tips and inspiration for, well, tiny-ass apartments (much like the one that I’m living in now). Hoping to be able to use some of these great ideas when I get settled in my new place come June. Also, she’s got some great links for local places like flea markets, etc!

I guess that’s enough procrastination for now… enjoy the linkage!