Patterned Owl Progress

Here’s how I spent my Saturday night (pre-pukey kitteh)- based on this tutorial.

patterned owl

Pretty cute, huh?


I Need Opinions!

As you know, I’m in the (very sloooow) process of designing my new website and blahhhg. Below are screenshots of the designs thus far… what do you think? Comments, criticisms and praises welcome!

ETA: I’ll be using both designs (the peacock and the retro). The peacock theme will be for my more professional site at, and then the blog will be linked to from there but might eventually have its own domain. I like the retro design on the blog, since it’ll be more diy/decor/design focused!


My landing page


A level 2 page (version 1)


Another level 2 page--- different header (which do you prefer?)

birdsiviews redesign

The new birdsiviews (ignore the title!)

Soooo… what do you think so far?

Visual Inspiration- The Bold and The Beautiful

Part of the reason my blog has been relatively sparsely populated is that I’m attempting to design my own website (omgwtfbbq!) It’s almost as cool as when Mommy Wants Vodka pulled a John C. Mayer… only more on par with my pulling a Glee, which doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, sad.

In the–lengthy and somewhat painful–process of designing, I’ve put together some gorgeous inspiration photos. If you know whose these are (or they’re yours), please do speak up… can’t take credit for any of these, damnit! In the meantime, here’s part one of my inspiration file…


Delightful DIY’s!

Right now, I’m browsing with literally 20+ tabs open in my browser. Don’t believe me? Here’s the proof:

excessive tabs

I’m not sure what that says about me… maybe internet ADHD? I’m also watching MasterChef, while the dye bakes in my hair. Talk about multitasking.

Phew! Anyways, here are some fun and inspiring diy projects from the last few days…

  • Michelle from Three Men and a Lady did a crazy inspiring bathroom makeover.  We’re talking inspiring-to-the-point-of-paint-shopping over here!
  • Discovered Spoonflower this week, a wonderful site where you can create your very own fabric. Even better, they’re doing free swatch printing tomorrow! Click on the “contests” tab for some gorgeous top-voted designs if you don’t want to design your own.
  • Kalisa, aka my other mother, aka The One in Heels, wrote a great post on No Excuses Fashion (her OTHER kickass blog) about funeral fashion. You wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) look like crap to go to work, so why should you when you’re celebrating the life of a loved one? She put it far more eloquently though! Oh, and yes, I’m counting fashion as a DIY. So there.
  • The lovely Miss Grace Bonney, of Design*Sponge fame, is hiring a copy editor. Seriously, be still my beating heart.
  • Floating frames, featured on Tiny Ass Apartment, originally from Loving Living Small. Definitely something I’d like to try if I ever get big bookshelves again!
  • As a complete typology fiend, I love this Subway sign DIY project from Tatertots and Jello

Tater tots and jello subway sign

Since my brain is no longer functioning properly today, I’m gonna call it an early night. I’d love to see what everyone is working on this week, though! Back to school crafts, anyone?

Design inspiration/procrastination

I have papers and a thesis due this week. What am I doing right now? Blogging and scouring Apartment Therapy, of course. Since I’m moving to Boston in T-minus 28 days (!!!), I’ve been looking for apartments and design inspiration. Here’s some fun pictures, courtesy of Apartment Therapy, for your viewing pleasure.

I have a secret longing for an iron bedframe.

embroidery hoops + cheap remnants = to-do project!

I just really, really, really love this. Not so good for a rental though...

This looks so luxurious, and a great way to dress up a nook!

Inspiration for a ::clean:: kitchen

From 3 Men & a Lady's blog... LOVE this.

Definitely doing some typographic artwork in the new place!

Adorable office... in a closet!

Now it’s time for some writing… or sleep  😉