Grilled Cheesus & Only The Good Die Young

It’s been too long since I’ve written about GLEE! This week looks like it’ll be much better than last week… the music in the Britany/Brittney episode was great, but the rest of it pretty much sucked.

Tonight, talking about Grilled Cheesus, family, faith, and of course, Sue’s snark. Oh, and the music!

  • “He’s my #1 Heeb…I see God every time I make out with a new chick!” -Puck
  • Aw, poor Kurt ❤ So sad!
  • As always, Mercedes (Amber Riley) is rockin the vocals. This song is gorgeous.
  • LOVE this line by Kurt about how God made him gay, and then God’s followers tell him it’s wrong to be who he is.
  • “They should totally go to Jew church and wear those hats and eat that salty orange stuff with their bagels”

((These Burger King breakfast commercials are so annoying.))

  • Wow, Sue getting emotional. Interesting.
  • “Now I know how Miley feels.” -Britney
  • Interesting views on God in this episode… wonder how long it’ll take for people to freak out.
  • This better be a good rendition of Papa Can you Hear Me…
  • Yes. Musicals are Lea Michele‘s forte. Yente FTW.
  • Forgot how much I love “Papa Can You Hear Me.” (Runs to download the Michael Crawford version)
  • Ha, Coach called Finn “Lurch.”
  • Wow, Kurt singing “I wanna hold your hand” is so lovely. And the montage of him and Burt is so sweet. Tearjerker!
  • Kurt (Chris Colfer) has the most BEAUTIFUL voice. Holy moley cheesus is right.

((Hilarious Planet Fitness commercial of a dude trying to make a bunny from his shoelaces!))

  • Great version of REM’s “Losing My Religion” by Finn (Cory Monteith). Takes me back to the 90’s!
  • Kurt in church is ADORABLE. Plus, that hat is totally rockin.
  • As mah mommy says, “If they played music like that, I’d go to church!” Have to agree with her on that one. Amber Riley has the best voice for gospel. Ever. I want to marry her.

((Just threatened to link mom’s quote to her email… she said she’ll kill me, disown me, and close her email acct. Might be worth it, eh?))

((Seriously hating these BK commercials. So dumb. Advertising fail.))

  • Aw, Sue with her sister… it’s touching. More nice Sue!
  • I totally have a sweater just like Kurt’s. In other news, this scene with his dad is amazing. I’m glad Mom is here for this episode 🙂
  • “I don’t believe in God, Dad, but I believe in you. I believe in us” -Kurt
  • Another great redo… “What If God Was One of Us”… super 90’s night tonight! Can’t wait to download all of these songs.
  • Wait a second… Finn just ate CHEESUS!

Glee next week looks like fun. Ashley Parker Angel-lookalike (aka ladylips) is very cute. Looking forward to seeing more of him!

Also, I’d love it if you guys checked out lovely Miss Aunt Becky’s (of the John C Mayer fame) post on Toy With Me (another kickass site) about cancer, and how much it!!


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  2. Stephanie
    Oct 13, 2010 @ 10:40:07

    I completely agree – this episode was FAR better than the Britany/Brittney episode, and I’m embarrassed at the amount of times that GLEE can bring me to tears (“I don’t believe in God, but I believe in you” – how could you not cry?!). Did anyone else think it was weird that Finn ate Cheesus after it was daaays old (I get the symbolism but still…)?


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