…I was lost in the sewers!

Glee Season 2 has begun.

Time to rejoice, my fellow Glee(ks).

New York… Gaga… other Asian with ABS (!!)… oh Glee, how you distract me from doing anything remotely productive (other than blogging, of course).

That being the case, let’s do a little live-blogging, shall we?

  • I could do without so much Artie rap but OMG HOT BLONDE GLEE DUDE! I’ll be your groupie any day, bebeh.
  • Have I said how much I love Puck lately? nomnomnommm.
  • I ❤ Sue Sylvester
  • Haha, don’t be a Sue commercial… “next time you meet an artist, smell him”
  • New football coach? Hellooo, issues!
  • “Boobs McGee”… totally been called that. Love Naya.
  • Oh scnap, girl fight! That was nasty!

commercial for You Again… want to see that!

  • lots of bewb talk on Glee this season… interesting.
  • Rachel (Ms. Lea Michelle) is driving me a weee bit nuts. Such a self-centered biznatch tonight.
  • Dayyyum Sunshine is gooood.
  • ew self-depreciating relationship drama. so high school.
  • New favorite version of “What I Did for Love”… god damn. New audition song for me!
  • Brittany as Britney Spears, omgah!

This premiere was a doozy, so totally looking forward to this season of Glee!

Oh, and NCIS LA is using the music from Requiem For a Dream as their chase scene music… weird… but awesome.


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