Project Porn!

Holy Batman, it’s already September! That means the beginning of fall (in theory, anyways), Labor Day sales, and oh ya– my birthday! I’m also starting a new part-time gig on Friday, so keep an eye out for a post on that. In the meantime, I’ve been working on my own DIY’s and finding some pretty kickass projects (and potential projects) around the interwebs.

wall art in progress

it's getting there!

  • I got bored with Sharpie-ing my wall art, so I decided to put a touch of acrylic paint on the board and see how it would look.  Heinous cellphone picture aside, I think it’s gonna look really great when it’s done. Going to be adding orange and a limey green to it as well!
  • This post, from ReadyMade, reminds me of back-to-school shopping and getting a brand new box of Crayolas… except far more expensive.
  • Saw this mirror from Urban Outfitters… totally reminiscent of the bag with the chicken feet skin (uh, wtf?) on last night’s Rachel Zoe Project. Except it won’t make PETA go after you.
  • Urban also has an “essential bathroom organizer,” which at almost $30, is so not essential for me.  Diy-ing it with some different lengths/widths of PVC pipe, some spraypaint, and hot glue/gorilla glue? Much better!
  • Oh, and have I mentioned Urban Outfitters? Spent a lot of time on their site today, oops. Their key rug, at $18 for a 2×3 rug, is adorable but again pricey.  My solution? El cheapo rug from Ikea, of course, pattern with freezer paper or contact paper, and black acrylic paint. Et voila!
  • Last but not least, I saw the following picture on Design Porn and literally started laughing my ass off. Enjoy it, kids:

Yup, that's taxidermy beer coolers...

I don’t want to know what liking that says about me…


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