I survived a drive…(plus crafty goodness)

…in Boston! I am VERY VERY proud of myself.  Although I have to say, being in a Prius makes the drive pretty damn nice.

Here’s a pic from when I was stopped on the bridge (woo traffic!)

charles river view

Action shot! (well, not really)

On the way home, what did I see but the Dollar Store near Lechmere that I’d discovered my first weekend here? Of course, I had to stop. I found these ADORABLE mugs when I walked in:

swirl mug

So cute! Ignore the lack of a mani...

Yes, I have 5-year old hands. That being said, I had to buy these mugs, since the dishes I have right now are the original 70’s Corelle print…quite vintage, not quite me.  Then I found white square ceramic plates and black soup bowls that will look awesome with the mugs. I’m hoping to use a ceramic pen to decorate the plates like these adorable monogrammed ones from Lemon Tree Creations!

Also got some spongebob hooks that I’ll be modpodge-ing over to use as coat hooks in my kitchen/entryway (stealing this idea from Dollar Store crafts!), some nyc color makeup (woot!), diet mtn. dew (cue addiction), jiffy biscuit mix for when I need comfort food, spices for $1!, and my most exciting purchase, foam core to make my inspiration board.

About the inspiration board, I LOVEEEE the looks that people have been doing lately– check out this one from Made by Girl, so cute!– so when I saw a huge gilded frame at a garage sale for $5 when I moved here, I had to snag it. It’s been sitting on the wall above my desk empty for 2 months now, waiting for me to find foam core or cork and fill it up. I’d been hesitating, because foam core can run $4/piece and I need at least 3, and cork is just plain pricey at stores like CVS/Target. But when I found the sheets for $1 today, I splurged and bought 4!

Will post pics of everything when it’s done, keep your eyes peeled!

What Weekend Warrior projects are you working on?

Miss Artimated (Martha) and I are loving the mypapercrane fabrics and dreaming up dresses to make, too!


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