BlogHer, here we come!

In just a couple short (and jam-packed) weeks, my awesome bosslady/partner-in-crime from Shoestring and I will be headed to NYC for my very first conference.  Lucky for me, it also happens to be the epic annual BlogHer conference, where thousands of women bloggers unite to talk all things bloggy.  Here’s what I’m excited for:

  1. NEW YORK CITY!- not much needs to be said about that. It’s been since 6+ years since I was there…oh, how I miss that city.
  2. Networking- with over 2000 lady bloggers (and a few guys too), BlogHer is a crazy opportunity for anyone interested in blogging and social media
  3. Learning- there are so many sessions to choose from, it will be so hard to decide! Definitely want to hit the one on designing my own WordPress theme, though! I’m also crazy lucky to be going with Melissa, serial entrepreneur and the brains — and beauty– behind Shoestring. Not only does she rock, she’s also a great mentor and well-connected, which will make the entire experience even more beneficial.
  4. Blogging- since that’s the whole idea of BlogHer (who woulda thunk?), I hope that will push me to do more exciting and thought-provoking blogging, both that weekend and in the future.
  5. Brand interaction- alright, that makes me sound like a sellout. But really, it’ll be interesting at the very least to interact with representatives from brands, both big and small, that I use/buy on a regular basis. And I’ll be honest, I’m totally ok with getting free swag, especially now that I won’t have Caltopia to replenish my pen supply this semester!
  6. Extreme Social Media- I have the feeling that this weekend will be chock-full of Tweets, FB posts, blog posts, etc. etc. etc… and I couldn’t be happier. Nerdy as it may be, I really am a digital native and there will be lots of learning going on in the rest of the social media sphere this weekend too!

BlogHer logo

Other happenings coming up include our Worchester Clothes Swap on 7/31 (Nightline will be there!), starting contract work for my fried pickle friend Sonja at The Cultivated Word, and, as always, startup networking events.

What are you excited for this week? Fun projects at work? Relaxing with family? Getting through to next weekend?


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