Channeling my Inner Snookie…

Tonight, I channeled my inner Snookie.  I didn’t get half-nekkid and drunkenly cavort with guidos on the dance floor. I did, however, have pickles at dinner.

These were no ordinary pickles.

At tonight’s Family Dinner (shoutout to the organizers, Grasshopper and DartBoston!), my newfound friend Sonja and I ordered fried pickles.  Let me tell you, they were freaking AWESOME. Not only were they all sorts of tasty, but they also served as an interesting symbol of my life these days. How so?

Well, I went out on a limb by ordering fried pickles. I’ve also been going out on a limb introducing myself to new people, going new places, and putting myself out there professionally and socially. The pickles were spicy, which, if I’m sticking with this comparison, goes along with how surprising and unexpected life has been lately. Even though the pickles were unusual on the outside (fried pickles… what?!), once I got to the inside, it was the same familiar tasty pickled goodness that I was used to…that’s like the people I’m becoming friends with out here- different than my old friends on the outside, but the ones that I’m truly becoming close to are the solidly good people that I’m looking for again.

Maybe it’s a stretch comparing my life to an experience with fried pickles, but it’s not too farfetched.  And plus, they were really damn tasty.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sonja
    Jul 01, 2010 @ 04:49:11

    Loved your post (and the pickles)! Keep rocking!


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