East coast livin’

It’s officially been a week since I moved from CA to Boston… and I can officially say that I’m loving it here! Granted, the weather has been bipolar at best, and completely psychotic at worse. Don’t believe me? Check out this video that @Lor3nzo filmed from the Microsoft NERD center yesterday! Thunderstorms in June aside, Boston/Somerville/Cambridge etc. are so amazingly vibrant. There’s always something interesting going on, which is great because I’ve still got tons of free time right now.

I’m still sleeping on a 2″ pad, but now I have a (free) bedframe so it’s one step closer to a real bed. I bought earplugs last night, which are a GODSEND. Seriously, if you have noisy neighbors, don’t hesitate. Buy them! I lucked out by having my dad’s family out here, and they’ve all been really helpful in trying to get me settled. I’ve been even MORE lucky in that I’ve got my two best friends from college out here, both of whom I’ve gotten to spend time with already! Seriously, could my friends out here get any more awesome? (see below)

The past week has been filled with so many amazing things, here’s a little rundown…

1. Mike’s Pizza with the family + Robin- after Robin picked me up from the airport, we were met at my apartment in Somerville by my entire family (well, almost) with yummy pizza in hand! They were also amazing enough to bring in my boxes and help me get some basics in the apartment.

2. MITX Awards- I got to volunteer here (I was the top-of-the-elevator greeter), and was introduced to some great people in the startup industry, including the StylePath founder! Also got free chocolate and a fishbowl-sized glass of wine from the bartender, Mike.

3. Red Sox game with Robin- Thanks to her dad, we were able to go for free. We sat in right field, which was a little tough for actually seeing the game, but it was awesome! We also had yummy Thai before the game, and pesto pizza and beer at her place later that night. Got to meet the bf and the bff, which was great too… hooray for new friends!

View from our seats at the Red Sox/A's game

4. Dinner at Charley’s- Mer and I went to Charley’s after the MITX awards… just have to say, their bread is so tasty. And dangerous to your waistline.

5. Highlight of the week: STARTUP WEEKEND BOSTON! I spent 2.5 days at the Microsoft NERD Center in Cambridge, right on the river, which was incredible in itself.  Met some of the most amazing people– both Twitter users who I’d been talking to for a while, and brand new people. It’s hard to put into words just how insane it was- an entire weekend devoted to coworking, idea development, Tweeting, design, blogging, etc., and man, I was in AWE at what people came up with by the end! Keep an eye out for #swBoston-inspired startups like Day2Night heels and Vicidulous.com… so much potential! I loved getting to network with startup people from all over the Boston area, and by the end it felt like I’d come out with some great friends and business connections. I’ll be blogging about that and other ways to network for iGrad later today, so keep an eye out for that too.

Upcoming projects for me:

  • interviewing at CYKOD.com, run by Pascal and Martha, an insanely-talented husband and wife team
  • learning CSS/HTML (Thanks, Jay!)
  • more freelance blogging for iGrad, hopefully!!
  • taking more photos for the blog
  • getting/refurbishing/reupholstering furniture for the apartment
  • finding a web host and customizing my blog
  • keeping in touch with my #swboston network!

Love and miss all of you in California, and welcome to all my new readers! ❤


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