Liveblogging #swBoston presentations!

Taking notes (and taking names) on the pitches at…


“bulk savings, without the bulk”

Glen Daniels*, Monte Agro, Celia Flores, Martha Rettig, Bruce Spang, John Verostek


  • brand loyalists like to get good deals but if another brand is cheaper, you might switch
  • one solution? costco. problem with this? space, perishables, membership fees
  • mfr/retail problems- want to inc. customer loyalty, stop price-shopping, and high costs
    • prepaying – buy it now, get it on your own time frame
    • locked-in price
    • merchant
      • cash in hand
      • loyalty (brand and store?)
      • foot traffic
    • shows you how many coupons left for each deal you’ve bought already
    • suggested deals based on shopping habits
    • pdf coupons
    • graph of savings
    • also a merchant view
      • analytics, current offers
  • next steps
    • get retail advisor, market research
    • build out prototype
    • start with retailers on a local front


    “helping local musicians find more gigs”


    • way for bands to post availability/price for booking
    • also, way for venues/hosts to find bands by name, genre, etc.
    • problem? hard time getting gigs (musicians)
    • solution- connect bands with venues, etc.
    • How to reach/target specific venues?
    • How will people find the site? Paid search listing, social media marketing/social networks, blog publicity

“take control of your online reputation”@hocopost (not yet existing)

  • how are businesses managing their online reputation?
  • aggregate UGC online about their business into one consolidated app
  • that way they can manage their online presence, deal with neg. feedback and engage customers online
  • created algorithm for “hocoscore”– like an online credit score, also dependent on how many people viewing site
  • customizable UI, intuitive, mobile apps
  • dashboard modeled on google analytics system
  • can add more specific networks to monitor (location, industry, etc)
  • ability to click through and respond to any comment



  • “democratizes hiring process by crowd-sourcing qualified candidates on users’ social networks”
  • predicted revenues- $5 mil in 30 years
  • huge predicted in crease in revenue if it goes viral
  • problems this solves- recruiters and job boards are expensive, no hiring guarantee on boards
  • makes company “outsiders” talent scouts themselves
  • automating matching progress between companies and applicants via social networks
  • market- >$420 million spent worldwide on recruiting!


  • starting with a demo- voice-activated demonstration on computer
  • interactive voice communication, more useful way to interact with device
  • goal? platform for marketplace where consumers/devs to interact, produce and consume content
  • cloud-based, open source, multiple-platform support
  • competition- vlingo, siri, tellme… not leveraging developers (self-reliant for content production)
  • dev’s get marketplace, growth and diversification— don’t have to worry about ads, etc.
  • what do consumers pay for? Buy “agents”– like apps, essentially



  • good use of hypothetical anecdote- Jane is an RISD design grad who wants to design tilting flower pots and cat-shaped vacuums
  • getting products made for a startup– how do you do it? Who do you go to?
  • startups- small margin for error; manufacturers don’t know about HER ideas (“abstraction barrier”)
  • business to help small businesses/product designers be matched with the perfect manufacturers
  • “education and discrimination”
  • providing exposure for manufacturers
  • revenue model- information (free), higher quality information (paid)
  • distribution model? not addressing it right now, but could move horizontally into that later



  • COWORKING- getting to work with other people who know things you don’t!
  • using google maps for location, can specify times, what you want people you’re working with to do, space for comments
  • can also search for people wanting to co-work in your area
  • “location-based coworking”
  • good for HR departments- find out where talent is hanging out

(Brief explanation of MassChallenge and AMAZING prizes. Who wants to adopt me into a startup that’s going?! I’ll do the writing for someone’s registration if you bring me along!)



  • Enjoy it!– great advice for startup weekend
  • 1. Ask a ?
  • 2. Post your opinion
  • 3. click “post to twitter” button, and retweet the replies
  • 4. hashtag #vs will show you the results
  • fun voting-based game for twitter
  • tagline- “pound your friends.” Oh boy…

(in between groups… learning about

CHIRASHI (working title)

  • mobile and web-based app
  • “check-ins suck”- “meaningless numbers that nevertheless make Newsweek ejaculate”
  • “bring your own location service (twitter, foursquare, etc), subscribe to what you like” via subscription to services you want, things you care about
  • (I’m still a little confused on this, need to hear more!)


  • enabling workers to build and own their own businesses
  • goal “to piss off VC’s as much as possible”
  • reasons “why employers suck”– “bozos make more”
  • cooperative idea of business
    • up-front budgeting
    • transparent bookkeeping
    • small tasks=key (democratizing work)
    • standards presented up-front
    • pay fixed $$ per task
    • encourage mentorship
    • profit by $ contribution
    • concurrence votes
  • basic idea– cooperative VC, employee alternative to O-desk?
  • @RecruiterMoe#SWBoston – hmm. Product seems to be Marxism. Which I think has been done



  • “this is a gift i give to entrepreneurs” “no-money revenue model”
  • finding someone who is “just like you” to answer problems/questions; knowledgeable sources
  • social network JUST for entrepreneurs
  • like Vegas- what happens here, stays here (not SEO)


  • problem? people are sick because of what they eat
  • we want sexy bodies but our diets are full of problems- wrong fats, wrong protein, processed foods, sugar/high fructose corn syrup (SAD=standard American diet)
  • basic problem- too much fear, no editing, no voice/market
  • her target group- intelligent, young, hip people



  • problem- heels hurt your feet!! Have to carry extra shoes in your bag, bandaids, etc.
  • solution- adjustable heels!!



  • “making bad internet video worse”
  • people want COMMENTARY, not just CONTENT
    • problem- comments often junk, irrelevant, uninteresting, etc.
  • not just limited to comedy
  • revenue model- synch liveblogging, “watching tv with famous people”
  • freemium model
  • links to social media networks
  • auto-pauses as you write commentary


“go live in five”


  • lack of sysadmin skills
  • hard to upload to cloud
  • steps
    • pick an app
    • pick a server
    • deploy to cloud
  • add-ons for bug tracking, moderating, etc.
  • free trials, paid to unlock deployment



  • why are we all at #swBoston? PEOPLE. IDEAS. TALENT.
  • what are events worth to you?! ECONOMIC GROWTH
  • right now, events are stuck, isolated from each other
  • ONE LIST OF EVENTS– calendar, universally available
  • …connecting pockets of innovation

This weekend was absolutely mind-blowing and I’ll be writing a real blog about it in the next day or two (and about what’s happened since the big move!) Big shoutout to everyone who was here at #swboston… amazing amazing experience! 🙂


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lor3nzo
    Jun 06, 2010 @ 17:45:15

    Lindsay, sorry for the confusion, ( is the Social Network for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs, a walled garden carved out from the overall generic space.
    And that was my project for the swboston. ( is the new social network for everyone and anyone who likes to share, likes functionality and simplicity, and easy control of their privacy.

    Thank you for the wonderful commentary.



  2. Muthu
    Jun 08, 2010 @ 11:18:08

    Wow, this is fantastic. I should have had this while voting at the end. When we were voting, we only remembered those who won and few others.

    Great job putting this together.


  3. Andy Rogers online music marketing
    Aug 04, 2010 @ 07:18:59

    great site. thanks for sharing it. hope you continue sharing your ideas to everyone.


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