English commencement… we need you, Jon Stewart!

Long story short- the UC Berkeley English department was all set to have an author speak at our commencement on May 23rd. However, unions have decided to picket graduation to get some sort of political statement across to the administration… which means that our speaker will not cross the picket lines and we, therefore, get screwed (for lack of a more eloquent term).

Here’s where Jon Stewart comes in: we want him to be our graduation speaker! So far, our facebook group has gotten 320 members in less than 24 hours. We want Jon Stewart to be the crowning glory of our graduation ceremony! We’ve offered couches, cookies, bribes, our first born children (that was my contribution), and naming our graduation after him. What better way to show what he believes in than to speak about it to the up-and-coming leaders of the future?

To help us out, join the facebook group HERE…  and INVITE YOUR FRIENDS!! Tweet it, blog it, share it, whatever it takes.

We’ve all spent 4+ years slaving over Milton, Shakespeare, metaphors, irony, semantics, Proust, and everything in between… not to mention the countless hours spent writing impressive, handcrafted essays. We deserve this!!

See, he even looks like an English major!


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