Bonding… over Hello Kitty

I made an amazing new connection today, and it was all thanks to a Hello Kitty binder at Target. I’d gone there to do some shopping as a treat for getting a bit of work done on the online class from hell (ironic, since it’s run through BYU, no?) and was in the day planner/binder section when this gorgeous blonde woman literally shrieks with joy over a Hello Kitty binder. Mind you, I currently have a set of three file folders in my cart with fat little birdies on them, so I can completely identify. She looks at me sheepishly and I start laughing, mentioning to her that they have more adorable folders where I found mine. We part ways, and then about 3 minutes later I run back into her in the folder aisle. We’re standing there debating what to put in our respective carts, and I make an off the cuff remark about how I’m “only buying what I want to take with me when I move.” She asks me where I’m moving to and why, and suddenly it comes to light that she, too is a Cal alum. Not only did she go to Cal, but she’s getting her second masters (!) in web design AND she’s president of the San Francisco chapter of the Cal Alumni Network.

It was a completely random run-in, but, as my grandma would say, “beshert” (loosely translated as fate/meant to be). What are the odds? We stood there in the folder aisle talking for a good twenty minutes about school, the challenges of job-hunting, how we feel old when 13-year olds are surpassing us in tech-savvy, and how CA really is the best place to live, even if we wind up moving. Eventually, we traded information and went our separate ways, but it just goes to show a couple things:

1. the world is an extremely small place

2. being nice to strangers really can pay off

3. Cal alums are AWESOME!

And, just because it’s cute, here’s a picture of me and the monkey working by the window yesterday afternoon:


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Jillian
    Mar 27, 2010 @ 08:56:08

    You’re right, that picture is rather presh. 🙂


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