(Disclaimer: I am a diehard Cal fan. Bleed blue and gold diehard. So if you don’t like the California Golden Bears, you might not want to keep reading!)

As a Cal senior, last night was one of the best sports moments in the last 4 years. Other than our 2007 football win in Eugene, OR (which was absolutely EPIC), our men’s basketball team’s victory over Louisville last night was completely amazing to witness.

yeah, it went like that all game (pic from

I love our sports teams.  That’s been one of the best things about coming to Cal- we have both world-class academics AND world-class athletes.  I was never athletically talented (understatement of the century), but now that I’ve got the awesome job of tutoring some of our athletes, I’ve gotten to live vicariously through those who I’ve tutored, and those who I’ve become friends with during my time here.  It’s pretty amazing getting to work with someone on their papers on Tuesday and see them winning a championship game or scoring a touchdown that weekend.  And that doesn’t even cover the admiration I have for the guys I know that have been to the Olympic trials, and the Beijing Olympics (Guy Barnea and Nathan Adrian, I’m lookin at you!)… talk about an incredible feat.

Our men’s basketball team plays Duke tomorrow, who’s the #1 seeded team. Yikes. If we win, we’ll be in the Sweet 16… holy moly. I may liveblog the game, but either way I will be knocking on wood, holding lucky rabbit’s feet, crossing my fingers and toes, wearing all of the Cal gear that I own, and most likely holding my breath through the entire game. I’m sending good luck texts to my friends/students on the team in hopes that maybe it’ll make a difference 🙂 It would be so amazing to beat Duke, but either way, our guys have done such an incredible job this season!

For California, for California,
The hills send back the cry,
We’re out to do or die,
For California, for California,
We’ll win the game or know the reason why!


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