Some thoughts on the job market…

I’ve been applying to jobs for post-graduation lately. We’re talking multiple job applications per day (if I can find that many openings). One thing I’ve noticed, though, is how I almost NEVER hear back from employers, even if it’s just a simple note of rejection. Yesterday, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Brace (mouthful!!) sent me what I consider to be a very kind, albeit somewhat cookie cutter-esque, rejection letter. It really made me think about the number of jobs I’ve applied to versus the number of replies I’ve actually gotten.  It makes sense, I guess, because so many people are applying for jobs… but it’d be nice to know that people have actually looked at my resume/cover letter once in a while!

I’ve also been discovering the importance of connections and wishing I had gone to a school like U$C simply for said connections (although my Cal education far surpasses anything I’d have gotten there, go bears!). School rivalries aside, it’s really interesting just how nepotistic industries can be, especially in today’s economy where jobs are so hard to come by. Moral of this story? Make connections. Ask around. Twitter searches for hashtags like #media jobs are also coming in handy for connecting to new people.

We’ll see if a job actually comes from any of these connections. Knock on wood!


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