Ok, making this a superbowl liveblog (ish)

I officially got chills watching the orchestrated Jay-Z + Rhianna “Run This Town” commercial. Wow. Feeling totally pumped now!

3:26- Carrie Underwood looked amazing. I mean AMAZING. But her singing… eh? When she belted the high notes, it sounded great. But I felt like in some parts, especially at the end, she went pretty flat. I thought she was a good live performer? Also, Queen Latifa sounded great (and looked great) but I’m on the fence about the addition at the end of the song (“I love America” or whatev)

3:27- wooo hall of famers. Can we start the game now? (Ok, go Jerry Rice! and Emmit Smith!) Apparently the ref needs help with the coin toss… YES! SAINTS WIN THE TOSS. That’s a very good start.  Off to do some notecards… I hate having theses to write, grr…

3:31- disappointing kickoff return. And can I just say, for the record, that I really wish Reggie Bush weren’t from USC? Ick. I just wanna see my hubby Scot Fujita come out onto the field!!

3:34- great punt, GREAT tackle for a 0-yard return (hehe). That first possession was kinda scary though… ok yikes, that was a great pass. this game is gonna be intense.

3:36- wow… Cal’s guys need to learn to tackle like that. Holy crap. YAY my hubby is on the field. Oh Scott Fujita, how I love you…

3:42- BETTY WHITE I LOVE YOU!! Also “there’s bud light in the fridge made of bud light!”

3:43- hahahahaha the Focus on Family ad TOTALLY does look like a dating site commercial. CREEPYYYYY.

ok seriously time for a work break…

4:06- autotune budlight/tpain AND fiddling beavers? wtf? commercials are wonderful.

4:20- GREAT big bang theory popup with sheldon “hacking” into the superbowl. loves. Ok wear no pants commercial… really quite disturbing. Haha it’s for Dockers. Wow… Also, I hate to say it, but Mark Sanchez is pretty, despite the icky USC-ness.

4:26- nice, a Bud Light Lost parody. Dove’s Men+Care commercial=lame, sadly. Every time I hear The Who’s song, I think of CSI. Win.

4:32- dockers free pants site is down already. fail.

4:37- dodge charger commercial… so chauvinistic. ouch. “Man’s last stand?” Sheesh.

4:39- YESSSS can’t WAIT for Alice in Wonderland!! March 5! And two ads with mini people (i think the dr. pepper one had actual midgets, but the tru tv one was definitely cgi)… that might spark some controversy.

5:04- normally I’m a Who fan, but this is relatively excruciating. Cool stage, hurting on the vocals and definitely the outfits though. Sad times. And a harmonica now? Hmm… like a jezebel commenter said, they should have had David Caruso introduce them. Preferably removing his awesome sunglasses as he did so. But this? Ouch. Just ouch.

5:13- The Who- you know it’s time to retire when Chris Daughtry (i think that’s how it was) sounds about a zillion times better than you in the March madness commercial. Sad times, guys.

ok back from a nap



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