Design Review- Ikea part 2

So, I’m up at a quarter to 7, but don’t have to be in to work until 12. This means that so far, I’ve gotten a grand total of 6 hours of sleep… ouch.

Anyways, here’s a little more of the highlights from the Ikea 2010 Catalog

  • Edland series (prices vary)- they call it “18th century goes flatpack,” and I’m going to stick with that. Love the old-fashioned flair at a very non-antique store price.
  • Stolman series– if I didn’t have so many pairs of shoes (and the need for a closet where you can stuff everything in and slam the door), I’d invest in this. I love the expensive boutique look.
  • for the record, page 186-87 (the teen boys’ rooms) is really poorly done. Shame, shame, Ikea. Terrible lighting effect that detracts from the product itself, at least online.
  • Vanna mirror ($10)- definitely getting one of these for the new room!
  • Somrig vase ($1.99)- i love their example using these interlocking vases, where they alternate flowers and makeup brushes in the vases.
  • Flaren cabinet ($100)- not new, but definitely on my wishlist.

Ok, back to bed. More to come later!


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