Design Review- Ikea 2010 catalog

The new Ikea 2010 catalog is out… which means a trip to Emeryville in the very near future! No, I have no connections with Ikea other than being a very loyal customer, I just happen to really love their stuff, particularly on a college student’s budget. Aside from their visually-appealing and affordable furniture/accessories/goodies, Ikea has amazingly cheap food, particularly their breakfasts. You should check that out. In the meantime, some of my favorites from this new catalog are (drumroll, please…):

  • Klippan sofa ($299) in a vivid multicolored patchwork pattern, reminiscent of updated granny squares
  • Tyglosa stretcher frame ($4.99)- looks like it’s used to stretch fabric to essentially create custom artwork. might also be used to create a paneled bulletin board like the expensive, albeit cute, one @
  • Stockholm couch – sticker shock over the price (1399) but it’s RED VELVET! I remember one of my friend’s mom’s had a purple velvet couch that I was totally in love with growing up…
  • Hemnes daybed ($399)- as a rule, I hate daybeds to sleep on (no boxspring=not comfy, plus, they’re twin-sized), but used as a window seat this is country-chic and adorable. Plus, the 3 drawers provide storage!
  • Besta wall shelves ($60)- as an English major and avid reader, I love love love these shelves. Wall-mounted bookshelves are a good alternative to built-in, and I guess if you had the budget you could essentially pannel these so that they look like built-ins.
  • Besta storage combos (prices vary)- sweet baby Jesus, if I had a TV like that, it’d deserve to be housed in something so sleek and modern. The great thing is because of the varied finishes and glass doors, you can mix and match it with warmer furniture and colorful accessories if you don’t want things looking too mod.
  • Brada laptop support ($14.99)- I have notoriously poor posture when I use my laptop laying in bed. This would be a good excuse for me to use it sitting up, and the little pocket on the side is so nice for keeping track of my Apple remote that I always seem to misplace. Or reading glasses. Or my brain, these days. Colors are a little underperforming, but I think a slipcover would be easy enough to make.
  • Beddinge lovas (@279)- fun way to spice up a guest room, or even a living room. It’s always good to have an actual bed for your guests, rather than an old saggy couch/air mattress.
  • Billy magazine rail ($15) attaches to the Billy bookcases, and keep your books from going over. We’ll see if Finn outsmarts the rails, he likes pushing things off of shelves.
  • Kajsa Trad cushion cover ($6) has a great, bold, b/w pattern. loves.
  • PS lomsk chair ($80)- simply because I like folding myself into this kids’ egg-shaped cocoon-cum-chair every time I pass through the kids’ section. It’s entertaining for all.
  • Karlstad with Rannebo red/white fabric ($399) reminds me of the “down by the sea” scene from the Sweeny Todd movie 🙂
  • Stockholm Chair ($299)- reminds me of Target’s Avington chairs only Target’s have way more pattern variety (and some great ones, at that! Check out their Gerber and Athens upholstered chair lines… sigh)
  • “Ladder” ($50)- Ikea is trying to get me to fulfill my dream of a room with wall-to-wall bookshelves, complete with the library ladder. It’s powder-coated steel, so not quite the classic dark wood with gold endcaps, but still.. mmm.
  • Billy, their apartment staple bookshelf, is now available in a really nice jewel-tone blue. Kudos for that one.
  • Expedit is another apartment staple for the higher-budget collegiates, and it’s down $20 from last year’s price. That’s #1 on my wishlist.
  • Fragrik Hogst dining series- green and white plates with a contemporary floral design. I’d love to see furniture or bedding in the same/similar pattern.
  • Snartig vase– as if the name wasn’t enough to convince you to buy it, the price on this bud vase– a mere 79 cents– certainly should do it. I think I might get one of those shallow display shelves, buy 5 or 7 of these, and fill them with magenta silk gerber daisies to match the trim on my comforter. Loves!
  • It’s not a product, but on page 120, they use horizontal black tiles (they look about 4″x6″) for the backsplash and give it a more modern twist on the exposed brick look that I love. Will try to figure out how to upload the image :/

Wow, that’s an epic real first post…and I’m only about halfway though the catalog. More to come tomorrow after work, and possibly an update on the new scrapbook products I’ve seen coming out of CHA/pictures of my recent pages!


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